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Fight Sickness Naturally

IV Hydration Therapy Could Give You an Advantage During Cold & Flu Season

Men’s PRIME Health offers IV Hydration therapy through LiquIVida. LiquIVida’s Natural Defense IV Infusion is designed to provide patients with essential nutrients to fight off the common cold or even the flu. Patients will receive essential micronutrients they need directly to the bloodstream which will encourage maximum absorption into the body.

This infusion includes Vitamin C, B1, 2, 3, 6, and Magnesium to help strengthen your immune system by giving it the necessary building blocks to fight–and even prevent–an infection.

Many Americans may not be getting the necessary micronutrients needed to facilitate a functioning diet that supports their bodies’ immune function. Access to proper nutrients plays a vital role in keep you healthy. With cold and flu season underway, you may need to go the extra mile to stay clear of illness. Many individuals will need a nutrient or vitamin supplement to fill those gaps let within their diet.

Studies have shown that populations who do not receive adequate diets, such as the elderly, are morel likely to suffer from weakened immune systems. With the current state of the average American diet, which is void of many essential component needed to support the body, this had led to an even larger of the population at risk.

Even those who are well-fed, young, and active may not get getting the right about of nutrients in their diets. In fact, a recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, suggests that significant portions of the adults and children in the United States are at risk for at least one vitamin deficiency as a result of an insufficient diet. Included in this study were vitamins C and B6 essential nutrients to maintain a functioning and healthy immune system.

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Beat That Hangover with IV Hydration at MPH!

Beat That Hangover with IV Hydration at MPH!

It's happened to many of us...The alarm goes off and you get a rude awakening with half-opened eyes, a pounding headache and nausea making you feel terrible – and then the hazy memories of tequila...

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