Age Healthier, Live Happier: BioTE Hormone Therapy

Men’s PRIME Health offers bio-identical pellets to optimize hormone levels and reduce the risk of age-related health issues such as osteoporosis, diabetes, low-T, and more.

“We are now able to balance nature and science with extraordinary benefits,” said Michael Kanosky, MD, FACS, “and when hormone levels are optimized, one’s body is in position to perform at its peak.” He said that optimized hormone levels help patients age healthier and live happier.

Before being optimized, patients complain of fatigue, low energy, difficulty sleeping, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain (regardless of a healthy diet and exercise), muscle and joint pain, reduced sexual desire and performance, and hair loss.

“Patients tell us they have more energy, more strength, better moods and are happier when they can finally lose those extra pounds, their libido is restored and their relationship improves,” Dr. Kanosky said.

“Precise dosing is essential,” he added. “It is crucial to medically determine the proper – the optimal—hormone level for each patient. We do comprehensive blood work analysis to prescribe the unique optimal dosing for each patient.”

The hormone pellets are placed under the skin where they release bioidentical estradiol and testosterone into the bloodstream at a steady constant level 24 hours a day.

Most patients find that this steady stream of cardio-activated hormones gives them more relief and fewer ups and downs than they get with other delivery systems like pills or patches. The pellets are non-invasive and tiny (about the size of a grain of rice.) It is simple, quick and each treatment lasts up to six months.

A consultation with Dr. Kanosky at MPH can determine whether an individual is a candidate for bio-identical hormone optimization. You can call us, email or give us a shout on Facebook to schedule your appointment today!

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Michael Kanosky, MD, FACS

In addition to serving as Medical Director of MPH, Michael Kanosky, MD, FACS, is a highly recommended and respected board-certified plastic surgeon practicing with The Face & Body Center and a hair restoration specialist at Kanosky Mississippi Hair Restoration, adjacent to the Men’s Prime Health in Ridgeland. He specializes in a combination of proven non-surgical techniques, Infra-Red Light, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Follicle Unit Extraction therapies along with medical-grade hair enhancing products and BioTE hormone therapy, micro pigmentation, microblading, and laser hair removal.

Dr. Kanosky also performs a wide variety of aesthetic cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures such as face, neck and, body sculpting, liposuction, botox, fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and hair removal at the Face & Body Center in Flowood.

Adding to an even fuller spectrum of care for men, Dr. Kanosky has long-standing relationships with top specialists across the Mississippi medical community and can green light referrals to address any combination of treatments needed to help direct your total wellness needs.