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Hormone Optimization

Testosterone may well be the most important hormone in a man’s body. It has numerous functions and keeps your body lean, muscular, and fit Testosterone production surges with puberty and begins to taper off around age 30. Men without enough testosterone have a condition commonly referred to as “low-T.”

Testosterone is most commonly associated with sex drive in men. It also affects mental health, bone and muscle mass, fat storage, and red blood cell production. Abnormally low or high levels can affect a man’s mental and physical health.

A low testosterone level causes a man to be tired, gain unwanted weight, and experience mood swings and “brain fog.” A loss of confidence is often the result of these conditions and the other symptoms of Low-T, like hair loss, feelings of depression, and disinterest.

Testosterone is also the hormone that regulates a man’s sex drive. Without the optimal level of testosterone, a man’s interest in sex declines and his ability to satisfactorily perform is reduced.

Testosterone is important for other body functions, too. Scientific medical studies have shown testosterone to be essential for efficient heart and lung function. And, although reduced hormone production is a natural part of aging, a man looks and feels younger when he maintains optimal levels of testosterone and other hormones like thyroid and melatonin.

While testosterone production naturally tapers off as a man ages, other factors can cause hormone levels to drop. Injury to the testicles and cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation can negatively affect testosterone production. Chronic health conditions and stress can also reduce testosterone production. Some of these include kidney disease , alcoholism , and cirrhosis of the liver.

The doctors and nurses at Men’s PRIME Health use several methods to replace the hormones you may be lacking:

  • Implantable hormone pellets about the size of a grain of rice are convenient and the effects last for six months or longer.
  • Hormones injected at regular intervals.
  • Creams for use on the skin and self administering patches can be prescribed.

Weight Management

America is beset with obesity, and Mississippi is one of the fattest states in the country. For men, that means a spare tire around the waist which results in a slow metabolism, sluggishness and fatigue, as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, shortness of breath and the increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.

For the overweight man, it’s nearly impossible to play a game of basketball, a set of tennis, or to join in the tag football game. Riding a bicycle, a mile on the treadmill or any type of exercise, is tough. And, the only clothes that fit are the stretchy ones.

Regular diets don’t work well. The usual course is a strict diet counting calories of food that don’t satisfy. This may be combined with bouts of going to the gym for a few weeks before one slips and rebounds back to the old weight — and the miserable feeling of failure.

What’s really needed is a lifestyle change. Learning to eat reasonable amounts of healthy food and maintaining an exercise program designed to keep your metabolism revved up, can be supplemented with properly balanced hormones and dietary supplements that maximize the body’s ability to respond to the changes in diet and movement.

Although it does take a few weeks for the scales to reveal progress, the body quickly begins to respond and a man will both feel and look healthier. In a few weeks energy increases, that ole spare tire starts to deflate and a fit man emerges with a new zest for life.

IV Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy is the direct transfer of vitamins, minerals or medicine straight into the blood stream using an Intra-Veinous method that delivers the mixture immediately into the blood stream. Infusion facilitates rapid absorption of 90-100% of the medication in less than an hour so the needed vitamins and minerals can be utilized by your body almost instantly. By comparison, one only absorbs 30% of the vitamins and minerals taken in pill form by mouth.

IV Hydration Therapy is commonly used to treat dehydration by rapidly replacing lost glucose and electrolytes; and, to quickly administer liquid antibiotics so they enter the blood stream to swiftly treat an infection. However, IV Hydration Therapy can also be used to treat lethargy, an alcohol-induced hangover, and briskly recover from over-exertion.

This is especially beneficial to the professional who stayed out too late with a client yet is expected to perform or present at his best just a few hours later. It is also helpful to the athlete whose performance depleted the body’s reserves of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Some athletes will seek IV Hydration Therapy before a big race and thus, know that the body is ready for peak performance right out of the starting gate.

Light Therapy

Infra-red, blue and red light waves can be beneficial to one’s health. Infra-red light waves have been successfully used to stimulate hair re-growth for many years. By adding blue and red light waves, physicians can treat acne, deter scar formation, delay skin aging and reduce age spots and other pigmentation problems.

These specially targeted treatments usually take 20 minutes in the office. There’s zero down time and one can immediately return to work or play. There are no significant side effects; just wear sunscreen outside for a few days since your skin may be more sun sensitive than usual.

All light therapy treatments are individualized based on one’s particular need. These 20-minute sessions can be scheduled 9 am-4:30 pm weekdays; and, the most common regimen consists of two visits per week for 12 weeks.

Nutritional Supplements

We offer a wide array of medical-grade nutritional supplement to help optimize what your put into your body.

BioTE Nutraceuticals feature superior supplements that help maintain normal hormone balance. Each BioTE supplement contains essential micronutrients that support overall health.

Areterosil HO  |  BioTE ADK 5 & 10  |  BioTE Curcumin-SF  | BioTE DIM SGS+  |  BioTE iodine+  |  BioTE Methyl Factors+  |  BioTE Omega3 + CoQ10  |  BioTE Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B  |BioTE Deep Sleep  |  BioTE Senolytic Complex  |  BioTE Serene  | BioTE BPC-157

Michael Kanosky, MD, FACS

In addition to serving as Medical Director of MPH, Michael Kanosky, MD, FACS, is a highly recommended and respected board-certified plastic surgeon, practicing with The Face & Body Center and a hair restoration specialist in Mississippi. Kanosky Mississippi Hair Restoration, adjacent to the Men’s Prime Health in Ridgeland, where he specializes in a combination of proven non-surgical techniques, Infra-Red Light, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Follicle Unit Extraction therapies along with medical-grade hair enhancing products and BioTE hormone therapy, micro pigmentation, microblading, and laser hair removal.

Dr. Kanosky also performs a wide variety of aesthetic cosmetic and Plastic Surgery procedures such as face, neck and, body sculpting, liposuction, botox, fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and hair removal.

Adding to an even fuller spectrum of care for men, Dr. Kanosky has long-standing relationships with top specialists across the Mississippi medical community and can green light referrals to address any combination of treatments needed to help direct your total wellness needs.